Clown Cruise 2009

Last year, I became a clown, Sir Toony Van Dukes. I booked a room on the Clown Cruise so I could have a fun vacation and continue to grow as a clown. I have put together pictures from the cruise. They are organized on three pages. One page with the clown activities, one with all of the clowns in costume, and one of the shore excursions and ship activities.

- Clown Activities - - Clowns in Costume - - Shore Excursions and Ship Activities -

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Section 1

I just got back from the Clown Cruise 2009 on the brand new Ruby Princess. Earl Chaney, "Mr. Clown", was the guest host for the clown cruise. Other instructors on the cruise included Linda "Flo" Hulet, Jim "Jimbo" Hunsinger and Bethany "Beppie" Lopez, and Nicole "Maggie the Clown" Portwood. The group had about 35 clowns and 15 non-clown family members.


Mike's Embarcation picture


Mike ready to go on the first day of the Clown Cruise 2009

The cruise had clown activities planned for our two full days at sea and in the afternoons of the other days. The group ate dinner together each night at 6:00pm and many of the clowns gathered in the evenings for balloon and magic jam sessions.

Choo Choo

Choo Choo twisting balloons at a balloon jam on the first night

Sunday was our first day at sea. We had a full day of clown workshops planned. The first was on Makeup Applications and three clowns put on their clown makeup.

Linda Hulet

Linda "Flo" Hulet getting ready to demo putting on her clown makeup.

Jim Hunsinger

Jim "Jimbo" Hunsinger getting ready to demo putting on his clown makeup.

Linda Hulet

Linda "Flo" Hulet putting on her clown makeup.

Jim Hunsinger

Jim "Jimbo" Hunsinger putting on his clown makeup.


Clowns watching Jimbo and Flo put on their clown makeup.


Linda "Flo" Hulet

Flo, Jimbo, and Nobody

Flo, Jimbo, and Nobody

The morning continued with a class on face and body painting. They had a list of "cheek art" designs that each person was to paint. The group picked the "best" design for each grouping. I won the "Best Snake."

Facepainting workshop

Two colorful outfits during the face and body painting session.


Section 2

In the afternoon, we had a session on beginner balloons.

Balloon workshop

Johnny Lee modeling the scuba gear


Jimbo showing some of the balloon animals

Then we had a session on juggling. Nicole had scarves for everyone to try. I actually found juggling scarves harder than juggling balls. She also had some other props including spinning plates, clubs, and diablo for people to try.

Nicole Portwood

Nicole Portwood teaching how to juggle scarves

Linda Hulet and Earl Chaney

Linda Hulet and Earl Chaney giving a lecture on clown Do's and Don'ts


Mike showing off the jester hat he made

Thursday was our second full day at sea. In the morning we had two sessions. One on making sock puppets and one on props and giveaway items.


Mike showing off his sock puppet


Students ready for one of the clown workshops on props

Dragonfly Balloon

Mike's Dragonfly Balloon

Darlene's Birthday Cake

Darlene's Birthday Cake