Mike's Cox Farms Fall Festival 2008 Photos

This summer, I applied for a part time job at Cox Farms. The advertised on their website that they were looking for people to help with their fall festival and said they were looking for aliens for the hayride. Since I like Halloween, I inquired about the position. I knew that I would have limited availability and had a two week vacation planned for the middle of the festival. They said that since I had an acting background that I should apply and they would work around my schedule.

My first day, I started as an alien on the hayride, but they told me they were working on something new, a Troll bridge. They had a few ideas, but ran into a problem because the labor laws don't let the kids climb ladders at work. Since I wasn't a kid, I was one of the few people who could take on the role of troll at the troll bridge.


Map to Cox Farms Fall Festival


Mike as the Troll on the Troll Bridge for Cox Farms Fall Festival

troll bridge

A Hayride going under the troll bridge when the Troll was not on duty

Cox Farms

View of Cox Farms from the top of the Troll Bridge


One of the best stops on the hayride, the singing barn, or as I called it, when I interacted with the hayrides, "the dungeon!"


One of the hayrides approaching the Troll Bridge

volcano slide

One of the many slides at Cox Farms. This one is like a volcano.

Cox Farms

Cox Farms


One of the larger slides at Cox Farms


The Aliens at the start of the hayride


Taking a hayride at Cox Farms


The Cornundrum, one of the new attractions for 2008 at Cox Farms. The Cornundrum was like a corn maze, but different.


A house of cards in the Cornundrum.